Change Management

Change management is focused on the people side of change, supporting people from their current state to a future state. With over 1,800 employees at UR, the shift from Banner to Workday will impact people differently. Knowing that change happens at the pace of individuals, the Change Management team, three of whom are certified ©Prosci change practitioners, and the members of the Change Ambassador Network will work to bring people through this change by meeting each person where they are and guiding them along. 

Change can be scary for many people, so when approaching a large-scale enterprise change like the Workday project, the Change Management team will use a structured process and set of tools in order to achieve success. The framework guiding our work is called the ADKAR® model, which stands for Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, and Reinforcement

For awareness , our team is tasked with communicating about the project to many different audiences. For desire , we are working to help members of the UR community understand how much better and easier things will be in Workday compared to how they are currently. Regarding  knowledge and ability , our team will design and deliver relevant Workday trainings and will provide job-aids and tools for building Workday knowledge. Lastly, for reinforcement , we will help the communtiy continue to grow in their adoption, utilization, and proficiency of Workday.

What Excites You Most About Workday?


One thing that is exciting to me is improved access to timely data to inform more effective decision-making and team development. I’ve heard a lot of frustration that access to information and reporting capabilities require extra work to extract meaningful information. In Workday, people and budget managers will have robust dashboards and drillable team and financial data at their fingertips. With increased access, our leaders have the opportunity to regularly review this information and apply it in ways that strengthen our collective institutional work.   


--Julie Farmer, Director of Change Management

Image credits: ©Prosci