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  • Banner
  • BPA, or Business Process Alignment
    Business Process Alignment is an implementation effort to capture Richmond’s business processes as they are, before the implementation. BPA helps to inform how processes will be streamlined as they are built in Workday.
  • BPR, or Business Process Re-design

    Business Process Re-design is the process of examining current business practices to determine the most efficient way for that process to be done. This is a central focus of the Workday implementation.

  • Business User

    Business-users are the core staff within the HR and Finance functions who utilize the system to create and edit business processes for the University’s HR and Finance functions. 

  • Change Management
    Change Management is a methodology that helps with the adoption of Workday by providing employees with the preparation, support, and skills they need to succeed using Workday.
  • End User
    End-users are individuals who use the system (Workday/Banner) to execute the processes that the HR and Finance staff have designed. For example, an employee using the system to enter their timesheet.
  • ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning
    An enterprise resource planning system is used as the transactional and planning application for the University. Workday is the ERP system that is being implemented for Finance, Human Capital Management, and Payroll at Richmond. For these areas, Workday will replace Banner when it goes live in January 2025.
  • FDM, or Foundation Data Model
    FDM or Foundation Data Model is how Workday organizes financial information. Similar to how we used the FOAPAL  and Chart of Accounts in Banner, Workday has a robust classification system for transactions that allows for excellent financial, operational, and external reporting.
  • HCM, or Human Capital Management
    HCM or Human Capital Management is another way of describing Human Resources. Workday uses HCM when referring to human resource functions. With the shift to Workday, you will begin to hear HCM and HR used interchangeably.
  • Tenant
    A tenant is an instance of Workday. As the Workday implementation proceeds, Richmond will have three to four successive tenants. The final tenant will be the University’s production instance of Workday.
  • Workday
    Workday is a leading cloud-based platform that will revolutionize the way the University manages administrative tasks and processes. Many other colleges and universities use Workday, learn more about their experiences here
  • Workstream
    The Workday@Richmond team is organized into functional groups called workstreams. Each workstream meets to work through specific tasks that arise during the project. Some groups meet often, and others only as needed. Each workstream page provides an overview of the work being done by that team.

    Stay tuned for workstream pages that feature our Finance, HR/HCM, Technical, Payroll, Reporting, and Testing workstreams.